Is the online store secure for payments?
Yes, we use a secure site and will be encrypted with the SSL logo.

Are we under obligation to do Recital or National shirts with you?
We have no contract with you for all of your printing needs, but we are taking all the risk in the faith of the growth of your studio and would love the chance to do all of your screen printing and embroidery.

Can you do embroidery and Rhinestones?
Yes, we are capable of anything you can dream up.

Is there a minimum of items we need to sale a month?
No. We know some months will be slower than others. Hopefully we know our jobs and can make items that will fly out of the store.

Why can't I sign up online?
There are no cookie cutter items here. We like to get to know the studios, what they teach,
what kind of look they like, age range of students. It helps us create the perfect custom items
for your studio. 

What if I don't have a website yet?
We can design a small site for you for an additional charge. Give us a call and we can talk about it.